Reflections and notes on the relationship of art to nature and of nature to art from along Warwoman Creek, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Katuah Province of Turtle Island, where the light, the dark, the seasons, the time of deep past, deep present and deep future all mix in alchemal mists to reveal and hide and transform these slopes, shaded coves, bright rivers, deep forests and me, and together sustain me and my art.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


            IN THIS TRADE

            By night and by moon
            I am paid no wages
            for my heart.

            By the nub of this light,
            by the stub of this pen,
            between the dark creases
            of my words on this page,
            along the suture that this line is
            of hope and hopelessness,
            while the world counts its coin
            in mad sanity, I ply my illicit trade
            in prayers

            to any lovers
            who might pass this darkened way.

           ©Laurence Holden, 2013

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